Monday, February 28, 2011

Five Below Challenge

Yeah!! It is the end of the month! Here is a fun activity when funds are low...This is what we call the Five Below, Five Dollar, Five Minute Challenge.

Purpose: To help DDs learn to make decisions quickly. (And to get out of the house :)

DDs1 and 2 went in with a timer set for 5 minutes. They pressed start once they entered the doors. They only had five minutes to decide what they wanted to buy (with their money of course). I stayed in the car with the other 3 kiddos. Here is the before:

Here is the after....

It was really fun!! I thought it would be a great b-day activity too. Just give everyone 5 dollars to go buy themselves whatever they want (or a present for the b-day kid).

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  1. Love it. I have a small addiction to that store..