Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Shopping

I finally have a post with pics..Yeah!! My grocery shopping has morphed again since the twins. I thought you might like to see how I shop when they are with me.
They (the twins) take up all of the grocery cart, so my groceries have to go around on one edge and the front and back. I have special clips that are made to hold grocery bags (got them at Wegmans) but you can also use heavy-duty S clips from the hardware store. I prefer the bags from Superfresh because they are actually woven, but the other non-woven ones held two gallons of milk just fine.

I have to say this worked out great. It is amazing what inspiration God gives during times of need.


  1. That is awesome! That is all I can say! We as women do not always like change but we are certainly good at adapting!

  2. Jennie! I have been contemplating this same thing lately and you would never guess what solution I came up with! Hanging bags around my cart! Great minds think alike :)