Monday, February 21, 2011

Speed Cleanin' - The Tools

I have been so excited to do this post - I hope you have been too. What I am about to show you has completely changed my cleaning life! Let me introduce you to the tools of Speed Cleaning.

First and most important is the apron. This has four pockets that carry all the tools that you will need as you clean. One carries cleaning cloths (or white cloth dinner napkins). Second, holds a plastic non-scratch scraper (for caked on messes), a razor blade holder (for paint and tape) and a toothbrush. The bottom ones are lined with Gallon Ziploc bags that are held - just on the front flap of the bag- by heavy duty paper clips. One is used to hold a non scratch sponge and the other is for garbage. The apron also has two loops that are for holding two cleaners, an all purpose grease cutter, and a glass cleaner.

One of the keys to speed is to have only a few cleaners. A tote is also necessary for ease of transport and to keep the cleaners together so you don't waste time hunting the house for them. So frustrating! Here is furniture polish and dust cloth, Red Juice (all purpose, non-toxic, which means no rinsing), shower cleaner, comet for kitchen sink shine, and windex.

The other tools are a heavy duty scrub brush (I have only found this through The Clean Team website), a duster (either swiffer or ostrich feather), a little hand broom.
Now, here to model them for you DH! (It takes a real man to model a pink apron:). Notice how the two cleaners hang from the loops? Also notice the clips to hold the baggies. I use the spaces behind the baggies to place small items that need to be put away. This makes it SO easy to put all the kids' small toys back in their place. It also saves me from treking around the house over and over. Time savers - that is what makes this system ROCK!

Easy -and fast- to pull the cleaners out of the loops. He thinks he's fast, but we both know I am faster.;)

In the back you tuck the duster into the apron strap to keep it handy. And the hand broom in a back pocket. This is handy to sweep under the couch cushions or the seal on the fridge. Oh, I love it when that is clean!

Can you tell that the key to this is having every possible tool you need on you? Then you only need to work your way around a room once. No walking back and forth to get stuff!
If you are going to clean like this, you have to have these tools. You can try to modify a cooking apron, but it isn't worth it. I suggest just buying the apron, scrub brush, and Red Juice from The other things you can pick up other places. Or you can order a kit already put together from them. Oh, and one more thing, look at their sh-mop. That is important too, but I forgot to take pictures of that.
Get your tools together and stay tuned for the method...


  1. Thanks for this Jennie. I have been feeling guilty about having a cleaning lady cause I really can clean my own house (just don't want to!) You've given me some things to think about and maybe a couple hundred extra dollars a month!

  2. No need to feel guilty about a cleaning lady. However, I do have to say it feels so good to pocket the money every month! Thanks for the comment!

  3. Wow, Marcus makes cleaning look so GOOD! ;)