Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Meet My Mood

You may know this feeling...You've asked about 6 times - calmly - for something to be done. And NOTHING happens. Then on the seventh time your blood starts to boil, you explode, and start screaming at your kids. They then look at you like they don't understand what is wrong.

It was after doing this one too many times that my "Mood" walked into my life. I LOVE this thing! It is so simple to use, but it give me huge results - and I hardly have to scream anymore. I use it as a warning, a threat, and a joke.

Warning: When I feel myself starting to boil I say, "Girls, I have been patient and now I'm starting to get in a mood" or "I feel a mood coming on". It is at this point they know I am about to become a micro managing monster. They usually start to move.

Threat: "Girls, do you need a mood to get this done?"

Joke: When one of the girls gets sassy, I say to them, "are you in a mood?" They say yes. I say, "as long as you label it and warn people." They usually laugh at this and the mood dissapears.

Now what does a Mood look like? I get an edge in my voice and raise it, but not to screaming level. I spurt out warnings like, "If you don't clean this stuff up I will, and you'll have pay me." I tell them every little thing they need to do and ride them like crazy to keep moving. They HATE this and so do I. But I usually don't have to do this very often because the warnings are enough. That is a beautiful thing.

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  1. Oh yes, I know the mood well. I love that your kids can have "moods" too - great way to teach some emotional intelligence! Of course, the older my kids get, the harder it seems to joke them out of moods. Aaaah! I am not ready for a teenager!