Sunday, February 13, 2011

Speed Cleanin'

Happy Valentines Day to all of you. I did a special post with LOTS of pics...enjoy!

A few years back I came across a cleaning system that cuts cleaning time in half. I'm a sucker for systems so I gave it a try...It is amazing! It really does what it says. Here are some before and after pics along with my times....

The afters came before sorry (technical difficulties). The next ones are better
Living room/music room:
Details: Picked up, dusted, blinds and curtains dusted, all furniture pulled out and vacuumed under, couch chushions cleaned above and under.
Time: 19:04

Dining Room:
Details: Picked up, everything dusted (chandelier, chairs wiped, blinds, swings, etc.), table wiped, etc. However no floor work (that comes later)
Time: 8:39

Details: Picked up, blinds, shoe tray cleaned, rug shaken, even security boxes dusted, and door. (No floor work)
Time: 4:30

Details: picked up/decluttered, 1/2 of fridge cleaned out, cabinet fronts wiped, microwave inside/out, oven inside/out, blinds, paper shredder emptied, pencil sharpener too, dishwasher inside/out. No floors yet...
Time: 34 min

Hardwood floors throughout and sink:
Details: vacuumed (including all baseboards), mopped, and above kitchen cabinets vacuumed as well. Sink scrubbed and shined.
Time: 29:27
If you add all that up it comes to 95 minutes. Yep, 1 hour and 35 minutes to do all that. I can clean my entire house (minus the girls bedroom and bathroom) in 2 1/2 hours and it is a detailed cleaning. With what I was paying my cleaner I am saving/making about $35/hour. Love it!
*I use the Speed Cleaning method by Jeff Campbell. Visit his website for more info. Happy cleaning!


  1. Impressive...I should give it a try tomorrow!

  2. I love before and after pictures. Thanks for sharing them and the site, although I'm sure I will need to chat with you about the particulars.