Friday, February 25, 2011

Can You See What I'm Saying?

I do A LOT of parenting with my face - especially my eyes. Here is what they say...

The above picture is my classic raised eyebrow. When my girls see this it means, "You better rethink what you are doing/saying." It is nice to have this, because I can parent without saying a word. (I feel like I talk ALL DAY LONG!)

Another BEAUTIFUL tool is what I call the "Look me in the eye" technique. I got really tired of repeating myself over and over, and the girls ignoring me. Now I say, "Look me in the eye." When they are looking at me I know they are listening. I usually ask them to repeat what I said so I know they understand, or they have to say, "Yes mom" to signal that they are going to obey. (That sounds so dictator-like doesn't it?)

The last is when they are whining about anything, eg. work, no candy, playtime, screen time, etc. I point to my face (or my raised eyebrow) and say, "Does this face look like it is going to change it's mind?" They answer, "no" then I say, "Stop asking then, or you will get a mood." (see how it all fits together?)

The hilarious thing about all of this is that the DDs have eyebrow lifting contests to see who can do this look the best. It is really funny to watch, and I give them pointers too.

What do your eyes say?


  1. Aaah! I love the picture! So fun. I do the "Look at me" thing, and it totally helps. But I think I need to work on my eyebrow raises! :)

  2. I am teaching my friend the look at me thing for her 7 year old. she was in shock when I did it with him last weekend and he actually remembered everything I had told him the next day..

  3. Yeah Michelle!!! You go girl!