Friday, February 18, 2011

Garnishing Wages (Allowance)

This was too good to wait. So you get a double post Friday.

Tonight I had to pick up some of the DDs things. I told them they had to pay me fifty cents to get each thing back. (That is double of what it usually is. I'm tired of messing around.) DD1 decided that she wasn't going to pay for her math workbook. She thought that was pretty cool. That's when DH came back with, "Remember Jen, you have the power to garnish wages." BRILLIANT!!

The DDs looked a little confused. DH explained that when you don't want to pay something, the government (or their parents in this case) could take the money out before they even get paid. Great life skill lesson! You should've seen the look on their faces. PRICELESS! DD1 conceeded to pay and I feel that I have a very powerful playing piece in my parenting arsenol.

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