Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Village People - Saling

It is taking a village to raise our kids. We have many people helping and teaching in many ways. Today I want to introduce you to Eileen. She is a master yard sale woman. She is so good, she actually makes money re-saling the stuff she picks up.

She takes the girls yard saling when they do enough extra jobs to earn $10. They learn how to negotiate, look for quality, walk away from a deal, help each other get the lowest prices, and other business techniques. Our girls LOVE her and love going saling with her.

I love her too and love that she is willing to take our girls out. Sometimes kids listen better to people who are NOT their parents. Also, Eileen is so much better at this art than I am. I love that they are learning from the best. I am excited that yard sale season is on again. I can't wait to see the girls get even better in their negotiating techniques.

*True story. After Halloween DD1 wanted more than just one piece of candy for movie night. I told her she could have three. She said, "mom, it is a special night. Can't we have six?" "SIX?! No way. Four." I said. She responded, "Fine, how about five." "Okay."

Then she says, "I didn't want six anyway. That would make me sick. But I knew I needed to over shoot so that I had room to come back down to five. That is how many I wanted in the first place. Eileen taught me that."

I couldn't believe that I had just been out negotiated by my eight year old. I had to admit - I loved it.

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  1. That is so funny. And Eileen really is the master to learn from! What a treat for your girls to get to learn from her!