Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hum Drum

For those of you who write blogs, you know how difficult it can be to come up with new and exciting material multiple times per week. It is a bit like running a small scale magazine. There are times when the ideas come fast and furious, and then there is the brain block. Right now, I feel a bit of blog block going on.

This is where you come in....Do you have a great tip/idea to share? What do you want to know from me?

Please tell me so that I can get through this block...



  1. A few ideas from me:

    a stock up price list on some basic items. What is the max you hope to pay for certain staples?

    An introduction to the world of drugstore shopping. I know you can get great deals there with their register rewards system, but it intimidates me to get started.

    Maybe some posts on parenting strategies that didn't work out so well? Just to make us all feel better?

    Care to tackle the ethics of trying to get free or really cheap stuff? Sometimes I feel kind of guilty for it. For that matter, care to tackle the ethics of negotiating?

    Your system for wrangling receipts and breaking down finance entries.

    Anything and anything you've got to help me have a healthy(ier) relationship with being the designated family purchasing agent.

  2. End of year teacher gifts - cute but cheap.
    I made a vase: an empty can, cleaned & smooth at the top. Take a box (48) of unsharpened pencils. Stand them up all around the can. I glued them on & tied a bow. Wrote the names of each kid in the class on each pencil. Should have taken a picture - looked really cute, the teacher loved it! Of course, flowers in the vase :)

    Baking is another standby for teacher gifts, also books I've read.

    Any other ideas for teacher gifts??



  3. Here's a list of things I'd like to know:

    best/safest way to clean hardwood floors

    best way to clean mirrors (mine have been looking streaky recently)

    school lunches (Lucy doesn't eat sandwiches) - food ideas and suggestions for food containers

    yard sale: selling and buying tips

    thrift store shopping (how to navigate, where to go, etc)