Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Three Dangerous Words

There are three little words that can do big damage to a person's finances: I - deserve - it. Many people who deserve many things. It doesn't mean that they can afford them or that they get them.

It's not just big things that we justify with these words either. Pay attention to how many purchases you make using this phrase. It can be as small as a treat at the store. But usually it isn't the huge purchases that kill a budget. It is the culmination a many small ones. (The big ones don't help either. :)

I am not immune to these three little words. They creep into my thinking too. But I am trying to replace them with, "You really can afford it" or "We saved up for it". I also try to keep in mind what are really needs and what are just wants.

**True story: I love to soak in the shower. Lately I have been soaking more because I am so worn out from all the kiddos. DH has been noticing that the water and heating bills have gone up, and I know exactly why.

The other day I was soaking in the shower. I thought, wow, I have been in here a while. Then I thought, "But I DESERVE it". I couldn't believe that I thought that, and I had just written this post!! Then I thought, "Yes if anyone deserves a long hot shower it is me. But can I AFFORD it?" The answer to that was no. So off the shower went. I am planning on putting a timer in there so that I will have to get out to turn it off.

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