Monday, January 10, 2011

PF Changs has nothing on these

With a stroke of brilliance I have won the salad fight with the DDs!! Yes, I invented the "Salad Wrap" and now my kids can't get enough salad! No kidding DD3 will eat 12 of these (the equivalent of 6 full romaine leaves) and they are the first thing she asks for during dinner.
Whole Romaine Lettuce Leaves rinsed
Whole Spinach Leaves rinsed
Anything else you want to sneak into their mouths
Dressing of your choice

Rip the lettuce away from the main stem of the leaf (romaine). Then pile 3-4 spinach leaves at one end. Put one crouton on top of the spinach. Place small dab of dressing and roll it up.
I have found they are also a good way for me to eat a lot of salad w/out a lot of dressing. It is also a great way to sneak spinach into their diets. I showed you the container that I use to store the lettuce. It is by Lock and Lock and has a slotted bottom insert to allow water to drain away from the lettuce. (One job the DDs do is to rinse the leaves for dinner.)



  1. You're back! Yea! And what a great idea. My kids are huge crouton lovers so I will definitely give that a try! Thanks for the tip, and I hope you find lots more "mommy breaks" with time for blogging your great ideas!