Monday, January 24, 2011

Family Motto

Recently we have been establishing family mottos. These are statements about who we are and what we do. We try to keep them powerful, general, and few so that they will cover many aspects of our lives. Here are our two:

We do hard things.
We follow what Jesus wants us to do.

So many aspects of life are hard. I hear all the time, "But that is so harrrrd!" and I reply, "Yep, and we do hard things." This can cover homework, life skills, piano practicing, working on friendships when they are rocky, standing up for what we believe, etc.

Along with life, we are a very Christ centered family. We have high standards for modestly dressing, listening to uplifting music, being kind to others, going to church, serving others, no sex before marriage, no drinking, smoking, drugs, etc, etc. We do these things because we believe Jesus wants us to. But instead of stating a rule for each thing, we can just say, "What does Jesus want you to do?"

It is amazing at how powerful these are, and how they help drive our lives. I would love to hear what your family mottos are and how they help you!


  1. FYI - I remember it always drives Margie crazy when people say things are "hard". I guess to be grammatically correct you should say "difficult" instead.
    In case you're ever discussing "hard" things around her......

  2. Our family motto is "The key to happiness is low expectations" Just kidding. But, we do say that a lot :)

  3. when my mom and i went to time out for women in vegas w/ lots of sisters and cousins, sister linda eyre & her daughter spoke. their family motto, which i have fallen in love w/ is "broaden & contribute." covers a lot, and the greatest is that all the kids helped pool together words they wanted to consider and the whole family came up w/ and agree on it. LOVE it. how are you holding up w/ the new babes?? :)