Friday, January 14, 2011

Emergency Preparedness - Water Bottles

This year we are determined to get our 72 hour kits together. We have been talking about it for years now, but this is the year it is going to happen. We are taking it one thing at a time, but I thought I would bring you all along for the ride so that you can get yours together too.

Yesterday I ordered filtration water bottles for every member of our family from this link Look under the Home and Family section and hit the link for Self Reliance. They are the Seychelle water filtration bottle kit. You won't find a better price on these anywhere else. I looked.

Having these bottles will make it so we don't need to haul around as much heavy water or make room for it in our packs. Of course, we live in a place where there are rivers and streams everywhere so this is a good option for us. We also have a Katadyn back packing filter pump so that we can pump larger amounts of water for cooking.

Marcus and I are going to keep a case of water in our cars and we will still keep a few full water bottles in our packs as well.

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  1. Thanks for posting the link. 72-hr kits are on our list too!