Monday, January 17, 2011

Routine Badges

So I have a few new best friends. Timers and Routine Badges. I was so tired of having to constantly remind the DDs of what they should be doing. So I made routine cards with both am and pm sides, and times alloted for each thing. Both the routine badges and the timers I have can be clipped to their jeans. So they put in the time, press start, and I let the timers yell at them to keep moving.

They were really wonderful at the beginning, then the excitement waned. I had one morning where they were running so late. I gave them a good drilling and told them that the routine cards were there so that I wouldn't have to ride them. They agreed the routines were better and now are still on track.

Notice how on DD3's she has pictures? Yep, can't read that well yet. Also, they have a Boyer team item. That is where I can give them any chore like laundry, bathroom, food prep, etc. They put these on first thing in the am and first thing when they get home. Yet another thing my DH says was a stroke of brilliance! :)

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