Friday, January 29, 2010

Bye-Bye Pacifier Party

Trying to get rid of the pacifier? Throw a Pacifier Party! This is how:

1. Tell your child in ADVANCE that they are big now and you are going to throw them a party where they are going to send their pacifier to the babies in the hospital.
2. Let your child help plan what type of cake, activities, and they can request a present.
3. Before you have cake, ice cream, and presents, have you child decorate an big envelope. Then they put ALL of their pacifier in the envelope.
4. They put the envelope in the mailbox - before the party.
5. Go have the party to celebrate your child's bigness!
6. While they are busy with the celebration, someone sneaks to the mailbox and puts the envelope in the outside trash can where it will not be seen by child.
7. After the party chances are they will go back to the mailbox. Tell them that the mailman already took them. (I know not completely honest, but it is for the cause :)

**Notice how many steps the child helps with or does? This is very important so that they can take ownership in giving the pacifiers away. This is important when they are begging for them you can say, "Remember, YOU gave the pacifier to the babies because you are so big now and don't need them. You did a good job!"

We did this with DD2 and it worked like a charm!

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