Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hair Wars

So you might think that my having FOUR girls, I get to do a lot of hair. If you have seen my girls, you KNOW that they are their own hair dressers. The "Hair Wars" all started with DD2. From the time she could talk (about 18 months) she has been our little fashionista. Still to this day she is unwavering that she will one day be a hair dresser. (I am scheming on how to do this and get her through college. :) Anyway I digress.

When I would try to do her hair she would fight and fight me. When I finally breathed enough threats she would sit still, only to take my hair do out, right after she walked away. What could I do except to raise the white flag on this one? I figured there would be many other fights that were much more important, and I wasn't going to go full out with this one.

After DD1 saw that I wasn't going to fight this, she jumped on the bandwagon too. So for the last 5 years I have had to bite my tongue while my girls have looked vagabond-ish. They however, have taken great pride in the fact that they CAN do their own hair. I took pride in the fact that they were building self-confidence and independence. (At least I could have that.)

Through the years, they have actually gotten much better and so now it isn't such a big deal. But now that they are getting older they want their hair to look really good. So finally they are starting to ASK me to do their hair. I think it is funny how it has come full circle. Some things that are not worth fighting about, you end up winning after all. When they see that mom actually does know best.

*This is a pic of DD2 all dressed up for a date with the DH. She thought she looked spectacular.


  1. I am waiting for this to be a problem for my girls, but Kennedy actually will NOT leave the house without me doing her hair. And some days when we're just running somewhere quick in the car I get so frustrated with her wanting to look beautiful before we can go! Isn't it funny how kids are all so different - I love it!

  2. Devon, I have noticed how adorable your girls' hair always is. Is it possible to have childrens hair envy? If it is I think I have it. And I agree, it is funny how different kids are!

  3. Have your girls google cute girls hairstyles. It is a darling web site that a mormon mom has with tons of great hairstyles. Madison and I love it and use the ideas all the time! Let me know if you can't find it!