Monday, March 21, 2011

We're runners!

I have wanted to be a runner for a LONG time. But I have had all the same old excuses: I am too tired, too busy, too poor for good shoes, it's too hot/cold, who will watch the kids, etc., etc. Well, I finally decided that there will ALWAYS be an excuse, but that I need to make it a priority. So how am I doing it? Here's how:

My first hurdle was getting out of bed - love my bed. So I set my alarm clock and set it across the room - with my running clothes right by it. Once I am actually out of bed, the rest doesn't seem so difficult.

Next, I decided that DD1 was going to join me. She needs to find a sport and I wanted to spend one on one time with her. So this seemed perfect. I am so slow that I thought it would be a perfect opportunity for us to get stronger together.

I decided I couldn't expect to start by running five miles. I needed to ease into it. So I walk up our street and run back down three times. That's it. When we started a month ago, DD1 could walk as fast as I was jogging, but I was moving and that was the point! Now, she actually has to run with me. We are making progress!

One key thing I have noticed among avid runners is that they enter races to motivate them to keep working out. DD1 is so NOT competitive that she will shut down when the word race is even mentioned. So for now, we are just focusing on getting out and moving.

I'm excited that this time working out is actually working! Remember - baby steps are still steps in the right direction! Happy trails!


  1. YES - you ARE runners! Claim that identity! You are doing all the right things for all the right reasons. And at the right time - bring on the warm weather!!
    Love Maggie

  2. I think you are amazing! It seems like so much fun having you guys do it together, and I know she'll always remember the time you guys spent out running! What a great thing to start! And once she does a race and sees how fun it is with all the excitement in the air, she'll love it. It's more of a race against yourself to finish than anything else! ;)

  3. Hi everybody!
    Its DD1! And just so you know I have to get up at 6 am to run for 15 min. I don't like it, but I got expensive running shoes for doing it. I like that part ;)