Friday, March 11, 2011

Speed Cleaning with Jeff Campbell, kitchen clip

So here it is. The Speed Cleaning clip I have been promising. Jeff Campbell is cleaning the kitchen, but the principles are basically the same for every room. This clip is from a full video that you buy from his website I own this video and found it very helpful since I am a visual learner.

They cut this clip a little short. Here are the things he missed.

Caked on things, like dried pancake batter, on the counter. Spray with red juice and use plastic scraper.

Stove top. Take off burner grates on the left side, placing them on top of the right side grates. Clean left part of stove. Then replace and switch, placing the right ones on top of the left ones.

Oven. If you have burned thing inside the oven, spray with red juice and use plastic scraper to scrape off. Also, you can clean the glass on the oven door with red juice, and the razor blade.

Floor. Do this last. Sweep/vacume the debris. Fill the sink with about two inches of hot water and cleaning solution. I use murphy's oil floor, but vinegar works fine too. Submurge the mop cloth into the sink. Ring out, place on mop and start to mop the floor at the farthest point away from the door. (You will be mopping yourself out of the room.)

If you come across something caked on like dried jam, pull out your plastic scraper and scrape it off. Once one side of the mop head is dirty, take it off and flip it to the other side. Once that side is dirty, get a new one, get wet in sink, ring out, and keep going.

Sink. The last time you get a new mop head, drain the sink and clean. Spray with cleaner, scrub with scrub brush. Polish crome with windex and rag. Then continue mopping yourself out of the room.

I am trying to make my own videos, but my equiptment is a little lacking (and so is my time right now :). I hope this helps at least get you started. Happy Cleaning!


  1. Oh, you would be a much more lovely model/teacher than good old Jeff! But the man is brilliant. I so need to actually make the time to get my cleaning gear in order (and with a fun apron, of course!) I'd love to help you record yourself teaching these someday. Let me know when you find yourself with free time. ;)

  2. Um, his kitchen was way cleaner than mine before he even started cleaning-- finger prints and all.

  3. I like visual how-tos so thank you for posting the video. Question: what kind of mop do you use? Do you have hardwood floors?
    Ditto Devon's comment. And anytime you want to do a demonstration, my house can be used as an example anytime ;)

  4. Midwayedancer - I thought that same thing when I watched it - and it is a little dated, but the tips are golden.
    Sara - I bought the Sh-mop that is found on the Clean Team website - and you can see it in this clip briefly at the beginning. I have noticed they have them at Target now too. It has a big flat head that you put terry cloth covers on. You dunk the cloth in the cleaning water, then put it on the mop. When it is dirty you get a new one. This way you are ALWAYS mopping with clean water. The size of the head is nice too. More cleaning surface area = faster cleaning. I do have hardwood, and some laminate.
    I think it would be really fun to do a class. I'm mulling over the best way to do it (and how I would fit it in). I appreciate the offers for help! I'll make sure you get first priority to attend. ;)