Monday, February 1, 2010

Dumping the Paper

I had six subscriptions to the Philly Inquirer Sunday Edition - for the coupons. That's right 6. Red Plum recently pulled out so I was left with no choice, I cancelled my subscriptions.

For now I am going to be ordering my coupon inserts off of Ebay, which will save me money. Each paper was costing me about $2.25 x 6 papers = $13.50 per week. On ebay I can get 5 inserts for $3.75 - including shipping. So times two sets of inserts that is $7.50 per week. If I combine shipping I will save even more. That right there is almost a 50% savings on my coupons!

*There are other websites that will clip the coupons and you buy only the ones you want. is one of these. You can also print coupons online from RedPlum and SmartSource. These coupons are different than the ones that come in the paper and reset about 1-3 times per month. Just make sure you know your grocery store's policies on printed coupons.*
*This info was given to me by Mindi Cherry at

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