Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Homemade Microwave Popcorn

It has been a crazy day doing business stuff, my mind if feeling like blubber, and the kids are playing well. So I wanted to do something light. Think light microwave popcorn.

I learned that you can pop popcorn in the microwave. Simply put it in a brown paper sandwich sack, turn the microwave, pop, pop, pop, and there you go. Now, the thrift inside of me wondered how well it would really work and what the cost is compared to professional products. Keep reading for the findings.

1. Do not use Ziplocks. I get freezer Ziplocks (yes brand name) for around $0.25 per box thanks to my coupon binder. So I thought I would start with this since I get these so cheap. One problem, they melt, so don't try this. See the pics.

2. Use brown paper sandwich bag. It won't melt, in fact you can use it over and over. The one in the picture had just been used for the second time. It still came out like a champ. If you want to be technical these come out to around $0.02 per bag (I added this into the costs below). Also they are a more reasonable size of you are popping corn for yourself. I hate feeling like I have to eat a big bag of microwave popcorn. But with the mini bags it's more per oz. Another bonus for the bag is it is recyclable, reusable, and compostable (if you don't add any toppings). Love that (and so do my compost worms).

3. Price breakdown.
Orville RB smart pop 1.2 oz. mini bags
price per bag $0.40
price per ounce $0.33

Generic smart pop 1.4 oz. mini bag
price per bag $0.36
price per ounce $0.26

Generic kernel popcorn 1.8 oz. in brown paper bag
cost per bag $0.16
price per ounce $0.09

I was surprised by these findings. The brown paper bag popcorn blew (or should I say popped) the others out of the water! It was almost 75% cheaper than the name brand popcorn and almost 66% cheaper than the generic microwave popcorn. Plus you get 18 popped bags per one bag of kernels.

Another thing that my hubby will like is that it doesn't have the butter on it that the other microwave popcorns have on them. Studies have found that the butter put in these causes cancer, so he is against them.

The other benefit is that the brown paper bag popcorn is 100% Fat Free. A great bonus for those on Weight Watchers. If you want to add topping try this idea. Spray butter flavor cooking spray, then add salt.

The How to:
Pour 1/4 cup popcorn kernels into the brown paper bag. Fold the top down twice, making sure to crease it tightly with your nails. Place in microwave for 2 min. 30 sec. I popped mine for 2 min. 15 sec. My microwave is 1.6KW power rating. You might have to experiment to see what is best for your microwave.


*Time saving tip. Prepare multiple bags at once to save the time of getting out the materials over and over.

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