Monday, July 20, 2009

Very Versatile Sheet

Here are a few $ saving ideas and great uses for dryer sheets.

1. When using them for laundry, only use a half sheet. It will save you money and extend the life of your dryer. (When they are heated they release gases that coat your clothing. If you use a full sheet, too much gas is released and will actually coat the back inside of your dryer. When too much coating is there, it makes your dryer smell like it is burning up, then you will replace it, when all you need to do is clean it off.)

2. If the outfit you are wearing is clinging to you, rub it down with an new dryer sheet.

3. Hide one in your car as an air freshener. You can put them in your clothes drawers too.

4. Used ones will actually remove soap scum. No Kidding. I saw this in Simple magazine. I tried it on the bottom part of my glass shower door. Get a used dryer sheet a little wet then rub the soap scum area. It takes a bit of rubbing and a few sheets, but it works like a charm.

Do you have any other nifty uses for dryer sheets?

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