Sunday, July 12, 2009

Save 50% on Dining Out

My DH asked me out on a date this last weekend. Sweet huh? In my pursuit to save $$ I went to a website called Restaurants that are trying to get people in their doors offer discounts through this website. A common one is a $25 discount certificate for $10.

Now, you can get an even bigger discount by entering a promo code. (When buying something online ALWAYS check for a discount code.) Until July 13, there is a 70% discount on The code is SEVENTY. So you can get the same $25 certificate for $3!

The particular coupon we got required us to buy $35 worth of food to qualify for the $25 savings. To get the full benefit from this we stayed really close to the $35; $38 to be exact. So this is how it all worked out.

$38 food bill
+$3.75 cost for certificate
+ $7 tip
$48.75 What we would have payed total
-$25 discount
$23.75 What we payed

You can get the most current coupon code for from the website

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