Saturday, July 3, 2010

Raising Kids like Training Dogs

I had a laughable moment today. The whole family went to the grocery store for an outing. DH struggled with the kids - not because of misbehavior, but because it was hard for him to herd them around the store.

I just sat back and watched (it is good for the hubbies to get a taste of what a wife does). As we were leaving the grocery store, the kids all congregated in front of the cart. They were talking and looking at things - and blocking the entrance/exit.

DH was trying to get DD3 to get into the cart, while DDs2 and 3 were still in la-la land. I said to him, "Tell them to follow you like ducks." He gave me a weird look, but said it to the girls. Instantly, they all lined up behind him and followed him out of the store.

He was amazed, and I started laughing. I told him we needed to have a daddy training course so that he could learn all the commands the girls know and the situations to use them in.


  1. Oh, too too funny! And, I don't suppose you do a child training class for other parents, do you?

  2. Not right now...I am up to my eyeballs just trying to train my own :). But that is a good business idea.