Monday, June 28, 2010

Life Skillz Update

We are into week 2 of summer vacation. Overall DH and I are thrilled with how well the DDs are doing on life skills. There has been very little complaining and great work being done. They have been very understanding with my inability to do much and try to be good helpers. I LOVE these kiddos!!

Interested in our schedule for summer? Here it is:

8 am wake/say morning prayers
get ready
empty dishwasher
9 am Garden jobs
9:45 homework
10:30 snack
11 quick house pick up
life skillz training
12:30 pm lunch
1 pm nap for DD3 and mom
quiet reading for DDs 1 &2
3 pm playtime
5 pm quick pick up
set table
screen time
6 pm dinner

Here are the life Skillz we are working on with each child:

Child, Skill, Trainer
DD1 Feed, water, change Guinea Pig Dad
Memorize mom and dad cell number Mom
Minute Addition Mom
Multiplication/Division Mom
Rinse dishes MWF Dad
Load dishwasher TThS Dad
Laundry, run washer/dryer Mom
Laundry fold/put away Mom
Properly water/weed garden Mom

DD2 Learn to shower independently Mom
Load dishwasher MWF Dad
Run microwave Mom
Make/answer phone calls Mom
Clean Table Dad
Laundry fold/put away mom
Properly water/weed garden Mom

DD3 Brush teeth independently in morning Dad
Say Prayers Both
Clean child table Dad
Pick up All

DH and I know this is a little ambitious, but even if we get to half of this we will be happy! The DDs seemed excited about it so we are going to ride it as far as we can. Do we stick to this everyday? Nope, we keep it flexible because other things come up. Life happens, but we do our best.

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  1. I love the training part! So great! We have a schedule and new chores we're teaching, but I love the things you're teaching DD1 -- I'm totally going to use some of those! I love giving the gift of independence!