Monday, May 3, 2010

Back On with Coupons

Ready for another confession? I haven't clipped (or used) a coupon in five months. I know that has some of you gasping, "How can a Coupon Queen bail on her coupons?!" Well, life happens, to all of us and some things go on the back burner.

HOWEVER, I changed my subscription to the Pottstown Mercury and am set to go this weekend. (My neighbors are going to love the sound of 5 papers hitting my driveway at 6 a.m.) I'm not quite sure how it is going to fit into my life right now, but it needs to. My grocery budget has been a lot for special diets DD2 and DH have been on. It is time to take control again.

I miss my savings (see the above receipt, yes that is a $187 savings) and need it back! I can't deny the power of the coupon.

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