Thursday, May 14, 2009

Super Sweeper

My mom visited me a few weeks ago. While here, she was so kind to sweep my floors. However, she told me that I needed a new broom. Now, moms know best and this includes mine. I had owned this broom for nine years and I have to admit it needed help.

Now, being the frugal woman that I am, I kept thinking that it would cost me around $15 to replace this broom. I didn't want to spend that money on a broom. So, I had an ah-ha moment tonight.

I took out my kitchen shears and gave it a hair cut. There was a dirt line where you could see the bristles full of dirt. They were also kind of spread out. But the bristles were in good condition beyond that.

So, I took out my kitchen shears and trimmed it along the dirt line. And guess what? It is as good as new! It took me about five minutes to do it and I saved $15. If you times that out into an hourly wage, that is $180!

I look forward to another good nine years out of my broom and keeping the $15 in my wallet :)

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