Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stretching Soap

**Disclaimer** I do not have the luxury of double sinks in my kitchen where I can fill up one side with dish soap for washing and have the other side for rinsing. So I have to wash each dish separately in my one sink.

I had another ah-ha moment tonight while my mind was in frugal mode. I was washing the dishes in my one sink. My dish soap container was very low but I didn't want to run downstairs to get another one. My laziness led me to discover a way to use less dish soap and hot water. Interested? Keep reading.

Most people, including me put a healthy squirt of dish soap on any dish that they are washing. It doesn't matter if the dish is small or large, the same amount of soap goes on. The amount I squeeze is a habit of mine.

Now, after the soap goes on, then I have to turn on the water to lather the soap. While I proceed to scrub the dish the hot water stays running until I need rinse it. This ways uses a lot of hot water and a lot of soap.

Let's show the difference of the frugal way tonight. Since I didn't want to go all the way downstairs, I diluted the soap in my container. I squeeze the same volume amount on as if it is full strength (this is my habit) but I am using 50% less soap because it is diluted with water.

Since the soap is already mixed with water there is no need to turn on the water to scrub the dish. So I save hot water while I scrub. Then I just have to rinse. I save about ten minutes in hot running water and at least 50% in soap.

You can also do this with hand soap. I have noticed that the hand soap companies have their dispensers put lots of soap out per squirt. This is good for them because it forces you to buy more of their product.

Instead of re-buying the little dispensers of soap, buy the refill sizes (on sale and with coupons of course). Then put in half soap and half water and mix in the small dispensers that you are reusing. Then same idea as above. No need to run hot water to lather the soap. All you need to do is rinse.

Looks like clean savings to me :)


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